Art Exhibition Bernried

Selection in the museum until 20.11.2022

With a population of around 2,400, the beautiful villlage of Bernried on Lake Starnberg offers an amazing spectrum of art and culture: The annual "Bernried Art Exhibition" has been held here for 46 years, and the Buchheim Museum with its world-famous Expressionist collection is part of it for the last 6 years. Since then, the Buchheim Museum has become another location for the "Bernried Art Exhibition", which is spread throughout the community. The village and the museum, located on the outskirts of the village in Höhenrieder Park by the lake, are moving closer together!

Director Daniel J. Schreiber has made a selection from the works submitted for the summer of 2022 by the numerous Bernried artists and guests from the region. The show is on display from 31.7. to 20.11. at Buchheim Museum - next to the big crowd puller "Brücke + Blauer Reiter". The result is a show of enchanting quality in the lecture hall and the corridor and features 19 paintings and sculptural works.

Gerd Eisenblätter, a local painter is inviting us to wander through the color fields of his Upper Bavarian alpine landscape; Stefanie Aufmuth dares the balancing act between hyper-realistic apple portraits and abstract compositions; Susanne Meyer is making an orange-red promise shine out of a cloudy sky; Robert Ischwang is able to awaken tender hopes of color with coarse strokes of palette knife; the final chord of painting is set by Manfred and Gloria Hinkel, he is using an ideally clarified, pastel lakeshore, she is using a storm-lashed sea reveling in virtuoso color contrasts.

The kinetic sculptures of the metal sculptor Marinus Wirtl from Weilheim, which come to life by buzzing, clattering, and flashing when the crank is turned or a button is pressed, are of delightfully witty poetry; Ilse Bill enraptures us with merry pugs and dancing sows in bronze, as well as with a plaster cow's head that seems to be about to break through the wall; Ernst Grünwald, whom we know from monumental wooden sculptures, unfolds his melancholy humor this time en miniature - and in bronze; surprise guests in this punchy show are the larger-than-life insects by Victoria Müller, who are preparing to take over the museum.

2022 in the museum





The Boat


Abbildung: Sculptures by Ilse Bill
Sculptures by Ilse Bill

Abbildung:  Insekten von Victoria Müller im Vortragssaal
Insekten von Victoria Müller im Vortragssaal

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