The other side of the moon

15.04.­ – 16.07.2023

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Group exhibition of young art curated by Sofia Seidi at the Buchheim Museum.

The moon revolves around the earth in bound rotation. Therefore, we can only ever see one and the same side of the moon. It was only when spacecraft landed on the moon that we also discovered the other, the so-called dark side of the moon.

In the exhibition "The Other Side of the Moon", the moon serves as a point of reflection, a metaphysical place of wonder and fantasy far from Earth. From here we can contemplate the contemporary world and its scientific advances. "Cabeça na Luna" (Head on the Moon) is a Portuguese expression for thoughts being far away from the here and now. The works of seven artists are gathered under this motto in the Buchheim Museum.

Cosmos in Art
Amelie Liese (born 1989) is studying Statistics & Data Science at the LMU Munich alongside her studies at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich. In her works, it is hard to tell where the fantasy begins and ends, making one wonder what happened to Karo Kleper, the researcher at the fictional Intergalactic Cosmological Institute of the Andromeda Nebula. The duo Cosmica Bandida is an interdisciplinary collective consisting of the Colombian artist Manuela Illera (1988) and the German artist David Blitz (1974). The unknown is the playground in which they romp. The exhibition of their extravagant sound systems, inspired by the "Picó culture" of the Colombian Caribbean coast, is an attempt to expose society's dominated "white gaze" on certain norms.

Particular visual universes
Andrej Auch (b. 1995) is an artist who was born and raised in Dachau. The compositions of his paintings seem to elude our visual perception: "I move painterly in the field of tension between visual familiarities. I don't want to pull the rug out from under the viewer, but only to soften his consistency a little." The artist often considers the structures in his paintings as a science fiction world.
Julian Arayapong (b. 1987) is a native of Freiburg. The artist of Thai descent often thinks about what it means for him to be "German". He explores the point where opposites meet, both materially and in terms of content in his art. His works show a juxtaposition of motifs from the Middle Ages and the present, revealing the dilemmas and realities of humanity with an unusual technique in his paintings.

The sublime and the uncanny
Carolina Vieira (b.1994) is a Portuguese artist from the island of Madeira. She develops her landscape motifs in the materiality of her painting. She uses this theme in her compositions to express her intentions and narratives. Her paintings show cosmic phenomena from the perspective of sublimity. The paintings of Valentina Eppich (b. 1986) contrast with this. She evokes impressions of the mysterious and uncanny by using details from photographs as her source. Valentina was born in Weilheim, Germany. Her painting is as auspicious as the dark side of the moon. That which is hidden in her image details is nevertheless present as an invisible promise.

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Permanent exhibition: Reconstruction of Buchheim's villa in Feldafing

Abbildung: Carolina Vieira, Ohne Titel, 2020, Acryl auf Baumwolle © Carolina Vieira
Carolina Vieira, Ohne Titel, 2020, Acryl auf Baumwolle © Carolina Vieira

Abbildung: Der Durstlöscher
Julian Arayapong, Der Durstlöscher, 2023, Serviettendruck© Julian Arayapong

Abbildung: The Other Side of The Moon
Buchheim Museum / Sofi Seidi, The Other Side of The Moon

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