Bernried Art Exhibition

Selection in the museum from 30.07 to 10.09.2023

For 47 years now, the large Bernried art exhibition has been held in the summer at various locations in the center of Bernried. The special thing about this popular sales exhibition is that anyone and everyone can take part – the international professional as well as the regional amateur. For several years now, the Buchheim Museum, located on the outskirts of the village, has also participated in the show. Julia Behrend and Claudia Lamas Cornejo, the museum's registrar and PR officer, curated the museum part of the art event this year. In doing so, they have made use of the privilege of selecting the artists they find most interesting. Some 30 paintings will be on view beginning Sunday, July 30, two to three works each by Anna Bellmann, Gerd Eisenblätter, Britta Göckeritz, Robert Ischwang, Ariane Koch, Doris König, Alessandra Motta Rees, Thomas Popp, Judith Reiter and Gabriele Strehlau. Museum Director Daniel J. Schreiber will lead a 3 p.m. tour of the exhibition, which this year is located in the museum's tower.

The Buchheim Museum's guest artist is the pediatrician and psychotherapist Regine Staudt from Passau. She has been working as a freelance artist since 2013. Her seven works at the Buchheim Museum form a small exhibition of their own in the show. Characteristic of her sculptural representations of figures is a hieroglyphic abridgement. She simply leaves out heads, arms and legs. Instead, we are presented with clothes that seem to be animated from within, but without being physically filled. The three bodies made of wire mesh evoke the image of three-dimensional pencil sketches. In the four works made of backlit transparent paper, on the other hand, the artist achieves a painterly effect. It is always the art of allusion and omission with which Staudt allows the inner image of a differentiated personality to emerge in the viewer. Museum director Daniel J. Schreiber will hold a talk with her at 4 p.m.

2023 in the museum

03.12.2022 until May 2023

Swing · Have fun · Dream · Enjoy

02.12.2023 – 07.04.2024

The Boat
Since 31.07.2021

Permanent exhibition: Reconstruction of Buchheim's villa in Feldafing

Abbildung: Ariana Koch, Azoren
Ariana Koch, Azoren

Abbildung: Eiszeit 1
Alessandra Motta-Rees, Eiszeit 1

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