27.04.2024 – 12.01.2025

There is hardly anything that Lothar-Günther Buchheim and his wife Ditti did not collect. Since the all-rounder's death in 2007, donations, endowments and purchases, many from private collections, have expanded the museum's holdings. The extensive donation of works of expressive realism by Joseph Hierling deserves special mention. In this sense, the Buchheim Museum der Phantasie is very much alive in the spirit of its founder and is astonishingly diverse.

For the painter and artistic jack-of-all-trades Buchheim, viewing art was always a feast for the eyes. He preferred to visualize connections and harmonies in direct juxtaposition. He had a particular affinity for art on paper. The creative artist liked to recognize the most direct connection between eye, emotion and hand, and ultimately to the viewer, in the strokes of a quickly scribbled drawing. The joint presentation of paintings with drawings and prints picks up on maxims of Buchheim's understanding of art. For conservation reasons, however, they may generally only be exposed to light for around three months. For this reason, hand drawings and watercolors are followed by prints, which in turn are replaced by color prints. The hanging also attempts to compare more recent acquisitions with works collected by Buchheim himself along classical themes from art history. Finally, Inside Out encourages the viewer to form their own opinion on the status and future development of the collection. The reason for this assessment is the upcoming expansion of the museum building in 2025/26.

The exhibition can be seen in the large exhibition hall until January 12, 2025.

2024 in the museum

Samselsurium – The world of Paul Maar
29.06. – 15.09.2024

20.02.2024 – January 2025

Swing · Have fun · Dream · Enjoy

06.07. – 03.10.2024

Africa & Oceania
New presentation of objects from the Buchheim Collection in the tower room on the 3rd floor of the Buchheim Museum

The Boat
Since 31.07.2021

Permanent exhibition: Reconstruction of Buchheim's villa in Feldafing

Abbildung: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Old Farmer, 1919/20, oil on canvas, Buchheim Museum der Phantasie
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Old Farmer, 1919/20, oil on canvas, Buchheim Museum der Phantasie

Abbildung: Mohn
Emil Nolde, Mohn, o. J., Aquarell auf Japan, Buchheim Museum der Phantasie, Bernried am Starnberger See, © Nolde Stiftung Seebüll, Reproduktion: Nikolaus Steglich, Starnberg

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