17.06. – 05.11.2023

His comedy has changed our country – for the better. Germany has become funnier, more casual and relaxed. Children and adults love him for it. Otto Waalkes will turn 75 in July 2023. After solo exhibitions in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Emden, it was due for the Frisian to make the leap to Bavaria. Because of its comic art exhibition series, the Buchheim Museum is predestined to celebrate a round birthday with Otto Waalkes! The multi-talented artist is known for delighting people with unexpected punchlines. Until now, these have mostly consisted of words, sounds and noises.

Now they also become visible, because Otto is also a master of painting. And not just for fun: Waalkes studied art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. During his career as a comedian and musician, he has always remained true to painting and drawing. The Ottifant have become his trademark. In the Buchheim Museum, they will gallop right through art history. »OTTO – the exhibition« is a cross-section of his life’s work. It mainly comprises drawings and paintings, garnished with childhood documents, props from films and live shows as well as audio and video documents of his legendary performances – from »Theology« to »Theodorant«.

The poster for the exhibition says it all. Otto puts himself in the role of Napoleon on a campaign. His mount is a clumsy ottifant. The East Frisian leaves the salt marshes of the Wadden Sea for the Zugspitze massif. He doesn’t want to conquer a country, but to conquer our hearts. Now he is finally bringing his cause to Bavaria.

»And out of the chaos a voice spoke to me: Smile and be happy, it could get worse! And I smiled and was happy – and it came worse.«
Otto Waalkes

Otto Waalkes, Photo © Paul Schirnhofer



Long nose, narrow eyes, grinning mouth – Otto has painted himself as a Ottifanten. What kind of animal are you?

From June 16 to July 31, 2023, children aged 6 to 12 can submit their creative ideas under this motto. Whether painting or handicrafts, there are no limits to the artistic medium. There are great prizes to be won, e.g. a place on a summer holiday course and tickets for the whole family.


How many ottifants have made it onto a painting in the Buchheim Museum?

The correct answer can be handed in at the museum until the finissage on November 5, 2023, 11 am. The collection box and answer cards are available at the ticket office. Many beautiful prizes await the winners.

AUDIO GUIDE – With Otto in your ear through the exhibition

Otto’s voice is as funny and entertaining as Otto himself. The audio guide has been recorded by the artist himself. Otto takes his guests on a specially chosen tour through the house. Cost: € 3.50 plus admission.

Exhibition flyer

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Abbildung: Otto Waalkes © Daniel Lamas Cornejo / Buchheim Museum 2023
Otto Waalkes © Daniel Lamas Cornejo / Buchheim Museum 2023

Abbildung: Buchheim Ottifant
Otto Waalkes, Buchheim Ottifant, 2023, © Otto Waalkes | Otto Kunst GmbH

Abbildung: Big Splash I
Otto Waalkes, Big Splash I, 2017, © Otto Waalkes | Otto Kunst GmbH

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